Cheek by Rez Services

Basic Makeovers
Natural look. Basic makeup application (lash strips extra).
1 hour starting at $50

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Bridal Makeup Booking
Bride and bridal party makeup to fit every wedding budget. In my studio or at wedding location. Special Wedding Party Packages available. Book a wedding party of 6 or more and receive 50% off trial makeup sessions.

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Cheek by Rez Beauty Bookcamp
Includes makeup and skincare evaluation. See full details of Book camp consultation below. Online and video consultations also available.
1 hour sessions starting at $50

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Cheek VIP Client
Just need to reorder Cheek by Rez Cosmetics? Change or update your foundation shade, find a new lipstick or need a refresher on makeup application? If you’re a Cheek Chic VIP, it’s No Charge Beautiful!
30 minutes Free. 

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Professional ”Photo Shoot Ready” Application
Professional ”Photo shoot ready” application. Flawless contouring and highlighting. Includes a set of high quality lash strips
1 ½ hour makeover starting at $100

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Makeup Application Lessons
One on one makeup application lessons. Lessons at studio or in your home or office *
**(Travel time fee for home lessons will apply for areas over 20 miles of studio)
1 hour session starting at $50

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Wardrobe and Image Consultation Services
Need a wardrobe makeover or update your overall current look? I can “Feng Shui” the current items in your closet. What to keep, what to toss. l can go shopping with you or for you for new wardrobe items and for a special occasion outfits your current.  Transitional image specialist for Transgender women.
( Pricing Varies ) 1 hour session starting at $ 50 and up  

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Are you tired of:

  • Buying the wrong makeup and skin care products from inexperienced sales people
  • Makeup and skin care products shown on unrealistic filtered and photoshopped “Barbie / Kardashian” clones
  • Advertisements promoting anti-ageing products for your mature skin, yet using 20 year old models
  • Social media tutorials that use layers upon layers of makeup
  • Vloggers that push expensive beauty products that cost more than your car payment
Beauty Bootcamp

We start with a professional

Full Beauty and Body Analysis

Which includes:
  • An overview of your dietary intake habits
    Are you a fast food junkie, daily meat eater, vegetarian or vegan?
  • Your exercise routine
    Gym rat, couch potato, outdoor sports, runner?
  • Your daily regime of makeup
    Do you do a full makeup face daily or a touch here and there?
  • How much time do you spend morning and night for daily skincare schedule?
    A quick wash and go? Do you ever sleep in makeup?
  • Any specific skincare problems
    ( ie: breakouts, rashes, dry or oily skin, allergies to diary, metals, nuts, etc.)
  • Your beauty, health and fitness goals*
    Is your focus on short term or long term? ( ie: a look for a specific event, a photo shoot, your wedding, an overall new look and image makeover after weight loss, a relationship breakup, or starting a new job)

    * Image and wardrobe consultation are also available as an additional service with Beauty Book Camp

You will send:

  • Clear photo of you without makeup and one with your regular makeup application.
  • A list and photos of your daily skincare routine (face and body)
  • Cosmetics and beauty products including brushes, that you use.
  • Your regular hair style(s) and hair products – I will do a full analysis and send you recommendations on a new style color that will enhance your skin tone and facial shape
  • Any sample photos of a look you are trying to obtain. Keep in mind that social media and magazine photos are photoshopped, but we can use them as a reference to achieving the ultimate goal of improving and finding the look the is uniquely yours and enhances the Uniquely Beautiful YOU!
Ready to change your life?
Alright My Beauty Cadet. Stand Up Straight.
Take Photos of Yourself and Products for Inspection
Pay Attention … and Let’s Get Glowing!
The “Let’s Get Glowing Beauty Book Camp is a one on one personalized makeup and skincare program that you can do online, email, text, or video chat on a daily or weekly basis, on your schedule, from the comfort of your home or office.
A professional analysis is only $50.00 and you receive a Cheek by Rez $5 gift card to use towards your personalized and customized “Let’s Get Glowing” Kit which includes a foundation,concealer and a daily regime beauty kit matched to your skin tone and skin care needs.
Plus… Fabulous gifts, giveaways and exclusive discounts on services and products from Cheek by Rez

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  • Makeup and Facial Artistry
  • Cosmetics and Natural Skincare
  • Tutorial and Group Makeup Application Lessons & Workshops
  • Bridal Parties
  • Wardrobe Styling & Set Design
  • Model & Actor Portfolios
  • Business Head Shots
  • Commercials .Entertainment/Educational Movies, Videos, and Film

Cheek by Rez Cosmetics

A collection of cosmetics and skin care customized to fit every woman’s skin tone and complexion.
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